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Environmental Charter

Hotel Timoulay & Spa Agadir

Our hotel is part of an environmental movement. We make more efforts every day to achieve the best sustainability policy and reduce the impact of our business on the society and environment that surround us. We have drafted an ecological charter that we are committed to.

Our hotel has set up an action plan to achieve an international environmental goal and encourage our staff and employees to support us in this process through the following measures:

  • • Continuous training of our staff to be aware of the importance of environmental sustainability.
  • • Communication with our customers and visitors about our actions to have their support and collaboration.
  • • Selection (as much as possible) of nearest and most eco-friendly suppliers to minimize consumption of products that create unnecessary waste, by buying in bulk and organic products.
  • • Staff selection is madewithin the region and legally employed according to the standards established by the Moroccan Labor Code (Morocco has labor legislation based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions and Recommendations.
  • • Collaboration with local NGOs, Timitar festival, Concert for Tolerance and sporting events.
  • • The implementation of a consumption control plan by installing water savers on all our taps and showers.
  • • Reducing the capacity of our tanks, dual-flush flushing, by introducing closed 1.5-liter water bottles.
  • • All rooms are equipped with an electronic key that cuts off the power supply if it is not inserted into the corresponding slot.
  • • The air conditioner stops operating automatically when the windows and bay windows are opened.
  • • 90% of the installed light bulbs are low on electricity consumption.
  • • The installation of a reasonable energy program for the illumination of common areas, managed by an adapted timer without forgetting the comfort and security.
  • • Installation of solar water heaters for hot water and swimming pool.
  • • We have excluded the use of potentially harmful chemicals.
  • • The use of natural and biodegradable cleaning products.
  • • We only print what is absolutely necessary and we take the paper already printed on the other side for printing for internal use.
  • • The separation of organic waste, paper, plastic, glass and cans are delivered to a recycling company.

Our efforts in favor of the environment would be useless without your support so we invite you, our dear customers to:

  • • Replace only essential clothes
  • • Report any leakage or loss of water at the reception
  • • Do not allow tap water to run while brushing teeth or shaving
  • • Towels are changed at your request
  • • Discard sanitary pads in the trash and not in the toilet
  • • Prefer showers to baths, just as pleasant but so much more respectful of the environment.


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